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"Sally Martin's CD, Another Time, Another Place, is a terrific demonstration that anything can be "cabaret" material as long as there is a commitment to storytelling through musical excellence."
...Michael Miyazaki, Cabaret Scenes, April 2008 Full Review

"What a wonderful change of pace to hear someone taking on such a varied program and make it all work. Sally has a lovely soprano voice that can also be stirring and project strength."
...Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway Full Review

"The singing, playing, phrasing and arranging are smart, sophisticated and delightful."
...Jon Kalbfleisch, Music Director, Signature Theatre, Arlington, VA

"Sally Martin's new CD, "Another Time, Another Place" is a charming recital of familiar and not so familiar songs from the popular and Broadway literature, a couple in French. Her clear voice and unerring pitch, tastefully supported by piano and cello, match the melodies with clear understanding of the lyrics. Neither cabaret nor theatrical, her approach makes these art songs."
...Art Hilgart, Broadway Revisited on National Public Radio

“What we're hearing--and maybe we've never heard anything quite like this before--is chamber cabaret, the blessed back-and-forth collaboration of Sally's shimmering voice, James Fitzpatrick's piano (and oh-so-wise musical direction), and Deborah Brudvig's cello, a cello playing some amazing games. Sally often finds the soul of a song in a new and surprising location. Listen to her jazzy, even a bit manic, take on Paul Simon's “America.” Listen to how she makes Joni Mitchell's “Carey” her very own, floating like an angel above the accompaniment. Whether she is addressing us as an elegant French chanteuse, a doomed Irish lad, or a besotted romantic, Sally brings to her music a rueful recognition of life's tough realities and sweet possibilities, its inevitable disappointments and head-spinning joys.”
...Judith Viorst, author, poet, lyricist

"It's wonderful singing, a radiant presentation in every respect. Sally Martin taps each song's moment of inspiration - what its author was after - revealing a dimension of enduring meaning."
...Andrew Calhoun, Waterbug Records

1 So Many People
2 I Had a Dream About you*
3 Bill/My Man
4 Home, Boys, Home
5 At the Mid-Hour of Night
6 The Patriot Game*
7 America*
8 J'ai deux amours*
9 Le prochain amour*
10 Carey
11 Another Time, Another Place*
12 The Chance to Sing*

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.....Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway

”On her extraordinary first CD, "Journeys," on the All Aboard Music label, Washington cabaret singer Sally Martin invites comparison with Edith Piaf (in "La Vie en Rose" and "J'Attendrai") and Marlene Dietrich (in "Falling in Love Again") -- a risky ploy but one in which she emerges unscathed with interpretations that are distinctively her own. Her versatile talents, familiar from performances at Mount Vernon College and elsewhere, include a touch of nostalgia (for example, in "Sentimental Journey"), humor ("Don't Ask Me Not to Sing" and "Someone Is Sending Me Flowers"), and blues ("Black Coffee").”
…Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post

”On her first recording, D.C.-based cabaret singer Sally Martin puts her classically trained voice to excellent use on a tasteful and eclectic assortment of good songs. Although her intonation and articulation reflect her training, she addresses each song on its own terms., bringing nice variety to this collection. Several of the performances suggest that she would be as accomplished in musical theater as in cabaret. Don't Ask Me Not To Sing is a perfect treatment of that great Kern tune, and Martin's delivery of Sheldon Harnick's Someone Is Sending Me Flowers is even better than Dody Goodman's original performance in Shoestring Review back in 1955.”
…Art Hilgart,  Broadway Revisited  on National Public Radio

1 On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe
2 Chanson
3 When the Sun Comes Out*
4 Warm All Over
5 Comes Love
6 La Vie en Rose/ J'Attendrai*
7 Rapunzel
8 Don't Ask Me Not to Sing
9 Black Coffee
10 Long Ago and Far Away
11 Ship in a Bottle
12 Falling in Love Again*
13 Doin' It for Defense
14 Flight
15 Heaven
16 Someone Is Sending Me Flowers
17 Sentimental Journey
18 Why Walk When You Can Fly?

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